/ This was written (and abandoned) ages ago, at least five years ago. It was meant to be a work of fanfiction written in response to a prompt (premise: what if Loki had not been brought to Asgard by Odin, and had instead been raised by wolves), but I took so many liberties that it […]

/ I DID NOT WIN; WHAT IS NEW. As usual, this is where I come to set my incomplete garbage free. One day I will finish something. Here is the thing I wrote, posted for the people who told me that they would want to read what I was writing. Cloutier is able to travel through my […]

/ I wrote this last year, but as usual I don’t finish anything I start and it’s a sad, incomplete fragment of a thing. Out into the wild you go, little one. Till we meet again and work on getting you to make sense to people other than myself. / *** i. On occasion, time […]

/ I was poking about in my writing folder for the first time in ages and found something I meant to post but never did. So here, have last year’s failed NaNo attempt which a parallel universe me is probably still writing. It’s about the distant future and Japanese idol-assassins with powers. Don’t ask. These muses […]

Chuck Wendig’s flash fiction challenge | The Secret Door – Veritas You’d expect, at the very least, a quiet ting-a-ling—resounding from an era in which friendly eyes were all that watched. Instead, silence is the old friend that greets you as the door is pushed open. You step in, and your gaze finds neither human nor security […]

Chuck Wendig’s flash fiction challenge | 5 words: envelope, storm, ethereal, dolphin, undertaker | (Warning for strangeness and a deceased dolphin.) – It turned out that the sound I’d heard was a child’s usual light tread, made clumsy, from rain which clung to her cloak and her oversized robes. The storm was malevolent, but Enril […]

Chuck Wendig’s flash fiction challenge | They Fight Crime! | He’s a suicidal overambitious librarian with no name. She’s a time-travelling psychic traffic cop living on borrowed time. They fight crime! – 1978 The librarian is crouched behind a desk with the shrieking of a warning alarm sinking into his bones. Soon, he’ll be made […]

So… I attempted NaNoWriMo for the first time in 2012. I’ve never been great at writing anything longer than 2000 or so words (with the exceptions being fan fiction, heh), so it was both a disappointment and a pleasant surprise that I made it slightly past the 20k mark. On hindsight, it may not have […]

notes + masterpost  The main temple hall was a room of a paradoxical nature. It rang with silence, thrummed with the sound of a distinct nothingness. To Hide’n, it was the most spacious place in all of Wingworth, the most spacious place he had ever known. The hall did not confine him with prejudice, nor […]

notes + masterpost  7 years ago Athbel Hide’n hadn’t been the youngest re’arch in history to be elevated to the rank of kev’arch at the age of twenty-five. He hadn’t been the youngest one to achieve the honour by far, but in certain ways, he hadn’t thought himself ready to take on the responsibilities required […]