[NaNo ’12] notes + masterpost

So… I attempted NaNoWriMo for the first time in 2012. I’ve never been great at writing anything longer than 2000 or so words (with the exceptions being fan fiction, heh), so it was both a disappointment and a pleasant surprise that I made it slightly past the 20k mark. On hindsight, it may not have been the best idea: attempting to build a world and a number of cohesive, intersecting plotlines around characters that had been developed beforehand. The characters that have been with you the longest have minds of their own, even after you’ve presented them with disguises (slight name changes) so flimsy that they might as well have been obviously inadequate facial hair made from cotton wool and newspaper. You, as the writer, want only the best for them; my protective instincts went into overdrive, hindering my ability to get into the ‘first draft — kill the inner editor!’ mentality. The result was akin to watching an old friend drown in quicksand, as characters I cared about got mired deeper and deeper in excessive exposition. As much as I loved the world I had begun creating, it had started to bring me despair too. Each new sentence I added to the ‘novel’ felt like an additional indignity. It was a great experience. I learned new things about myself as a person who writes. Though I will not go so far as to say that NaNo isn’t for me, I will admit that I am not prepared to take old characters with me on future NaNo journeys.

Though my NaNo ’12 attempt remains short of the 50k goal, I can hardly consider it a failure. It contains a world I am not prepared to leave — a sandbox I would be happy to dive right into from time to time. Because I intend to post further writing set in that world on this blog, I would like to have the beginnings share the same space, mostly for completion’s sake. Flight of Fancy is not meant to be my magnum opus, nor is it meant for any purpose other than my own entertainment. I couldn’t care less that it exists in fragments and will most likely be continued to be developed in the same way. Despite a part of me wanting to bury the word document in an obscure folder in a harddrive that is meant to be forgotten about or lost forever, I have chosen to free it by making it accessible to anyone who can be bothered to click around this blog. (Mostly because I am confident that few people will read everything.) If you would judge me by my work, please judge me by this one. Though I still refer to it as my trashy guilty pleasure, it is with a smidgen of pride that I do so. Just a smidgen.

What it contains:

bad writing ··· far too many flashbacks ··· cheesy fantasy tropes ··· in general, tropes galore ··· characters with apostrophes in their names ··· characters I am already guilty of re-using ··· ice-skating with weapons as a martial art ··· invented language ··· polyamorous relationships ··· non-heterosexual characters ··· infodumps ··· a character (Hide’n) whom I ‘borrowed’ (with permission) from a friend of the writerly persuasion (Rei)

Here are the links:

PART I (expect to be confused)
PART II (a 7 years ago flashback that got out of control)
PART III (where it ends, but I really like the part about the temple)

Here are the characters’ full names (including those that do not appear in the NaNo experiment) because sometimes they address each other differently:

July Nyven’aleas (the childish and naive one) ··· Caswin Ashdemal (kind of a bad guy) ··· Sophelle K’lev (overprotective and a little stuffy) ··· Athbel Hide’n (the one I borrowed) ··· Vebari Yashaenitan ··· Tsuru’n Erer ··· Decimal Denys Darsphaiel (the one with the most obnoxious name) ··· Arcendo Moris ··· Tonia Moris ··· Ia Tzicaugh ··· Rothund (I don’t know his full name) ··· Mar Karova

Here is a list of some made-up words which mean other things because I happened to make one to keep track of them:

Issia-tilen = Footwork
Issia-velar = Spin/Jumpwork (lit. Foot-grace)
Issodel = Flight of feet (just a fancy name for the skate duelling)

Ko-atwor = A large bird with silver-tipped feathers. Imagine a cross between a raven and a vulture
Yven = A creeping plant with red stems and white flowers, leaves can be made into some kind of delicious tea

Vorten = The Accursed One
Tevhlu = God of Disaster, a centipede with two human faces
Tevhlen = God of Death, a harpy which also takes the form of a ko-atwor

Afani = Merchant
Astraeyah = Orphan
Ignitia = Fire/Flame/Burning
Iriseyh = Beloved
Kiven = Dark energy (lol)
Videst = Heart


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