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Flash Fiction Challenge – The Secret Door

Chuck Wendig’s flash fiction challenge | The Secret Door – Veritas You’d expect, at the very least, a quiet ting-a-ling—resounding from an era in which friendly eyes were all that watched. Instead, silence is the old friend that greets you as the door is pushed open. You step in, and your gaze finds neither human nor security […]

Flash Fiction Challenge – 5 words

Chuck Wendig’s flash fiction challenge | 5 words: envelope, storm, ethereal, dolphin, undertaker | (Warning for strangeness and a deceased dolphin.) – It turned out that the sound I’d heard was a child’s usual light tread, made clumsy, from rain which clung to her cloak and her oversized robes. The storm was malevolent, but Enril […]

Flash Fiction Challenge – They Fight Crime!

Chuck Wendig’s flash fiction challenge | They Fight Crime! | He’s a suicidal overambitious librarian with no name. She’s a time-travelling psychic traffic cop living on borrowed time. They fight crime! – 1978 The librarian is crouched behind a desk with the shrieking of a warning alarm sinking into his bones. Soon, he’ll be made […]

Challenge: Midnight

/ This is for a picture prompt given by Jasper over at The Critical Psychopath. I thought I’d try some first-person… Inconsistencies in the ‘accent’ are a combination of myself trying not to overdo it and the character trying to alter the way he normally speaks. / The picture: Midnight by Delano-Laramie * * * So […]