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Convergence (10000ISH WORDS OF FAILED NANO ’15)

/ I DID NOT WIN; WHAT IS NEW. As usual, this is where I come to set my incomplete garbage free. One day I will finish something. Here is the thing I wrote, posted for the people who told me that they would want to read what I was writing. Cloutier is able to travel through my […]

[NaNo ’12] notes + masterpost

So… I attempted NaNoWriMo for the first time in 2012. I’ve never been great at writing anything longer than 2000 or so words (with the exceptions being fan fiction, heh), so it was both a disappointment and a pleasant surprise that I made it slightly past the 20k mark. On hindsight, it may not have […]

[NaNo ’12] III

notes + masterpost  The main temple hall was a room of a paradoxical nature. It rang with silence, thrummed with the sound of a distinct nothingness. To Hide’n, it was the most spacious place in all of Wingworth, the most spacious place he had ever known. The hall did not confine him with prejudice, nor […]

[NaNo ’12] II

notes + masterpost  7 years ago Athbel Hide’n hadn’t been the youngest re’arch in history to be elevated to the rank of kev’arch at the age of twenty-five. He hadn’t been the youngest one to achieve the honour by far, but in certain ways, he hadn’t thought himself ready to take on the responsibilities required […]

[NaNo ’12] I

notes + masterpost Fall couldn’t have arrived soon enough. It was the season when cold breaths took flight from the exhalations of the earth and dragged summer into the ground, leaf by fading leaf. Life withered and taken would always be renewed in spring, thought July Nyven’aleas, delighting in the crackles and pops that sounded […]


Soft rains fell over the town of Wingworth, soaking through the crisp early spring. The flimpod seedlings yawned and welcomed the unexpected blessing with simple-minded innocence, while their guardian put aside his watering can in favour of lounging on the porch, accompanied by a steaming pot of tea and the morning papers. He watched as […]

City – underground #2

The old lady’s smile was a rubbery gash in her face, all pink and gummy and hiding a dark cavern behind the lack of teeth. “What’s this?” asked Whiff apprehensively as he poked at the moldy lump on the driftwood table between himself and the elderly merchant. She wheezed in his direction and it took […]

Sighs of the windmill

Creaking of ancient wood, planks straining against nails. Paint peeling; gravity sending petals of faded cream cheese yellow fluttering down. Over mellow pastures, ending up as fertiliser, confetti, food for cows. The structure hangs. It was built not skyward, but from the overhanging edge of a cliff. Conical, narrow at the base and wide at […]


The old man stood by the window, impatiently tapping his fingernails against the wooden sill. They were kept rather long for a person in his line of work, but they were tough old nails that had only thickened as the years went by, worthy embellishments for his gnarled, callused hands. Despite their appearance, his fingers […]