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Frost, etc.

/ This was written (and abandoned) ages ago, at least five years ago. It was meant to be a work of fanfiction written in response to a prompt (premise: what if Loki had not been brought to Asgard by Odin, and had instead been raised by wolves), but I took so many liberties that it […]

The Phoenix and the Crane (4000ish words of failed NaNo ’13)

/ I was poking about in my writing folder for the first time in ages and found something I meant to post but never did. So here, have last year’s failed NaNo attempt which a parallel universe me is probably still writing. It’s about the distant future and Japanese idol-assassins with powers. Don’t ask. These muses […]

Children of Dusk (old stuff)

/ This is set in a world that was created by my friend Rei. If for some strange reason you’ve been paying close attention to the other things I post here, you may notice that the three characters in this piece have turned up before, but in a different world. They are also in a polyamorous […]

Solitude (old stuff)

A flicker. Air bending and shimmering like it would in a heat haze. Then the blurry patch is gone and Dakin tears his eyes away from it, inwardly flinching at the bittersweet tug that reminds him of one thing, and one thing only. It had begun when he found a breach in the onion-peel layers […]

City – underground

At the centre of the city was a swirling column of detritus from the war that raged throughout its streets. Before the bombs, there had only been leaves, for at the base of the vortex, visible through a perfectly circular hole cut into the stone, lay a familiar sight — the top view of the […]

Citylights and Tea #5

You don’t daydream; you’re not the sort. But sometimes the teacup looks like a desert or a snow drift, blinding white. Doing divination with the tea leaves, there’s a city rising up from the bottom of the cup, and there are phantoms, and thieves abseiling down the porcelain. Splash. Kerplunk. You don’t meditate either, but […]

Citylights & Tea #4

Floor 81 is a bar is a beach with silky white sand, an island in the Caribbean. Once in a while, a patron comes up with a theory for how they get the entire place to smell like sea spray. Once, a Turkish businessman hurled himself out a window. From then on it was glass, […]

Citylights & Tea #3

Curtis has no idea what to call the ninth floor, not that it is in any real need of a name. Lately, though, he’s been spending an awful lot of time thinking about the place. In his mind, he’s come to refer to it as The Temple, sometimes, The Asylum. He knows of a few […]

Citylights & Tea #2

“Tea,” announces Sophie. She kicks the door shut behind her, right hand tucking hair behind an ear, then nudging the too-big pair of spectacles to get it settled more comfortably on her nose. With her other hand she fumbles, fingers jammed somewhere deep inside an inner pocket of her huge overcoat. Triumphantly, she produces a […]

Citylights & Tea #1

The vermin call it the ivory tower. To us, it is The Citadel. The oldest building for miles around. The only one built from actual stone. Walls are porous. They breathe, just like we do. Smog, ashes, sighs, and silence. All of these have passed through the city, rushing through the streets and into houses […]